PR9144A/B manual hydraulic oil high pressure comparison pump


  • Calibrate the pressure (differential pressure) transmitters
  • Calibrate the pressure switch
  • Calibrate precision pressure gauge, the common pressure gauge

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PR9144A/B manual hydraulic oil high pressure comparison pump

The manual Hydraulic oil high pressure comparison pump uses 304 all-stainless steel components, transparent open structure, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance, and is not easy to leak. The medium adopts secondary filtration to ensure the cleaning of the medium in the pipeline, and there is no problem of blockage or pressure generation; the pressure regulation range of the product is large, and the lifting pressure is stable and labor-saving.

Pressure calibration pump technical indicators:

  • Use environment: laboratory

  • Pressure range:PR9144A  (0 ~ 60) MPa; PR9144B(0~100)Mpa

  • Adjustment fineness: 0.1kPa

  • Working medium: transformer oil

  • Output interface: M20* 1.5 (three) Optional

  • Dimensions: 530mm* 430mm* 200mm

  • Weight: 15Kg


Pressure Comparator product features:

  • Adopt new design structure, easy to operate, boost and save labor, easy to clean

  • Fast boosting speed, boosting to 60MPa or more in 5 seconds

  • Fast voltage regulation, 0.05% F.S stability in 30 seconds


Pressure generator main application:

  • Calibration pressure (differential pressure) transmitter

  • Calibration pressure switch

  • Calibration precision pressure gauge, ordinary pressure gauge

Pressure test pump ordering information:
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