PT. Terminal Elektronika Sekawan

PT Terminal Electronika Sekawan (PT TES) is a company engaged in the field of measuring instruments and educational training tools. The company was founded by 4 founders namely Jo Hanapi, Septinus, Suhendar, & Tjung Pin. Through our dedication since 1996, PT TES continues to grow and become one of the largest companies in the field of measuring instruments and educational training tools.

Not only delivering quality products, we also present a Calibration Service & Training Center with the aim of providing knowledge so that consumers can make the most of their equipment.

We aspire to become a market leader in measuring instruments & educational equipment. Here we also educate consumers so that our consumers buy as needed. We are satisfied if what is purchased by consumers according to their needs.

Finally, Greetings Success for you and your company, Terminal Elektronika Sekawan is ready to present bringing reliability in all your work.


Our vision is to be one of the leading companies in Indonesia which provides quality service for customers. PT TES concentrates on sales service, marketing and consulting in both educational and industrial sectors. This involves electronic testing, toolkit and measuring instruments, and calibration system laboratory.


Our mission is to keep the best customer service performance with the improvement in the “Quality, Cost and Delivery”. Through continuous improvement of quality service, we anticipate the changing needs of each customer service in the company management towards a more e?ective, e?cient, and professional service. The goal is to have common perception and action, to raise awareness in the results achieved. Thus, is has concrete results that match customer needs