PR9120Y Full Automatic Hydraulic Pressure Comparator


  • Fast control speed,the pressure reaches a set point less than 20 seconds;
  • Pressure generation for the quickness, stability and non—overshoot,comply with the relevant vertification regulation of pressure instruments.
  • Complete protecting function:When setting pressure above standard,software system will indicate input error,when system pressure accidentally beyond 10% of the standard schedule,the device will stop to pressurize,meanwhile depressurize immediately,to protect the safety of the instrument;
  • Equipment with emergency stop button,quickly depressurize;
  • The data collection,calculation and preservation will be carried out automatically by a computer,The result generated will be printed out as the certificate and report.
  • Mainframe can change more than one range PR9112 smart pressure calibrator to improve the measurement accuracy,convenient for periodic calibration.
  • 14 inch touch screen,built-in windows7 system and the control software,enabling the equipment operating stability, also supporting remote monitoring & maintenance, and software upgrade.

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PR9120Y Full Automatic Hydraulic Pressure Comparator

The PR9120Y Pressure Comparator adopts unique prestressing technology, cyclical prestressing is realizable,to meet the demand of different gauge diameter for oil,and can calibrate 2pcs or 5pcs (expanded by pressure connection table) pressure calibrator at a time. Pressure control adopts advanced pressure following technique, feedback quickly,combine the software control technology of the latest algorithm, to make pressure control is more accurate,steady speed faster.

PR9120Y Pressure Comparator Technique Data:

◆Pressurize range : (-0.06~0~60)Mpa

◆Accuracy : 0.05%FS,0.02%FS

◆Working medium : Transformer oil or Pure water

◆Pressure control volatility : <0.005%F.S

◆Communication interface : 2 pcs for RS232 and USB each,internet access

◆Time pressure generation: <20 seconds

◆Pressure adapter interface: M20*1.5(3pcs)

◆External dimensions : 660mm*380mm*400mm

◆Weight : 35KG


Working Environment:

◆Environmental temperature : (-20~50)℃

◆Relative humidity : <95%

◆Power Supply : AC220V