PR710 Standard Thermometer


  • Excellent accuracy index, annual change is better than 0.01 °C
  • Resolution 0.001 ° C
  • Traceable to other temperature standards
  • The screen can suit the sight with its built-in gravity sensor.
  • Temperature Stability Calculation
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Wireless communication function

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PR710 Standard Thermometer

Ideal Substitute of Mercury-in-glass Thermometer

The PR710 series characteristic of a high accuracy and stability is a hand-held precision temperature measurement instrument customized for temperature measurement. The measurement range is between -60℃ and 300℃. The thermometer can provided with enriched functions. PR710 series is compact in size, portable and ideal for laboratories and sites. 

Technical Specifications & Model selection table

Items PR710A PR711A PR712A
Name Hand held Precision Digital Thermometer Standard Digital Thermometer
Temperature range (℃) -40~160℃ -60~300℃ -5~50℃
Accuracy 0.05℃ 0.05℃+0.01%rd 0.01℃
Sensor length 300mm 500mm 400mm
Sensor type Wire wound platinum resistance
Temperature resolution Selectable: 0.01, 0.001 (default 0.01)
Electronics dimensions 104mm*46mm*30mm (H x W x D))
Time of duration Turn off wireless communications and backlight≥1400 hours
Turn on wireless communications and auto send ≥700 hours
Wireless communication distance Up to 150 meters in the open area
Communication Wireless
Sample rate Selectable: 1 seconds, 3 seconds (default 1 seconds)
Number of data recorder Can store 16 sets of data,a total of 16000 data points,
and a single set of data has up to 8000 data points
DC power 3-AAA Batteries, typical battery life of 300 hours without LCD backlight
Weight (including battery) 145g 160g 150g
Operating temp. range readout -10℃~50℃
Preheating time Preheat one minute
Calibration Period 1 year


CE certificate

PR710 CE certificate.jpg