Metrel MI 3333 EV TrainingVehicle



  • Electrical vehicle (EV) system simulating a fully operational electric vehicle and its safety devices.
  • Approaching orange parts with care (special warnings) and using protection methods, barriers, and a jumper.
  • Safety training on working with a high voltage battery.
  • Charging from single-phase or three-phase EV AC sockets.
  • High voltage battery failure, BMS A and B in error.
  • High voltage battery AB internal resistance measuring and comparing, with simulated fault on the B battery.
  • High voltage lines, engine, or battery positive terminal to ground insulation failure.
  • High voltage lines, engine, or battery negative terminal to ground insulation failure.
  • AC charging socket insulation failure.
  • AC charging installation cable failure on line 1 or line 2 (internal cables).
  • Grounding and bonding equalization problems between the car’s body, engine, inverter, and REESS battery.

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The MI 3333 EV TrainingVehicle is a versatile e-mobility training platform with several exercises for training personnel coming into contact with electric vehicles and their safety devices. It is used for training in safety precautions and procedures, supported with exercises, presentations, video material, and test and measurement activities with real-world examples. As such it supports simulation of errors and failures on AC sockets, cables, engine, inverter, batteries and on the car body. Pass and fail parameters can be adjusted by 11 switches in different parts of the vehicle (training platform).



  • Cotton Safety gloves
  • Voltage safety gloves
  • Arc rated gloves
  • Helmet with shield