PT Terminal Elektronika Sekawan is distributor of Metrel in Indonesia

METREL is one of the world leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality electrical measurement and test instruments.

METREL is one of the world leading manufacturers and suppliers of high quality electrical Wealth and quality of living in all respects require constant care, understanding and innovative solutions for the following segments:

  • electrical installations, machines and appliances safety control,
  • electrical power quality,
  • diagnostics of IT and telecommunication networks,
  • inspection of the occupational safety and indoor environment parameters.

For its test equipment METREL has obtained also many international approvals like KEMA, VDE, IMQ and other.

Test and measurement equipment of METREL is covering the following fields:

  • Testing of Safety on Electrical Installations (VDE 0100, BS 7671, HD 384, CEI 64.8),
  • Testing of Safety on Machines and Electrical Appliances (IEC 60204-1, IEC 60439-1, IEC 60335-1, VDE 701 T1, VDE 702 T2).
  • Measurement and Testing of Cable Networks and Measurement, Recording and Analysis of Power Distribution Systems (EN 50160).
  • Measurement of indoor environment quality, DIN 5032, EN 6071, EN 60584-1, EN12599, ENISO 7726, ISO 10526, ISO 10527, EN61326,
  • These equipment is fully in compliance with Low Voltage Directive (EN 61010-1), and EMC Directive (EN 50081-1, EN 50082-1).

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MD 9070 Insulation / Continuity Digital Multimeter

The MD 9070 is a high accuracy insulation and continuity multimeter which may be used in a CAT IV / 600 V environment. It's dual digital display provides all needed…


MD 9010 General Purpose Autocheck Digital Multimeter

The MD 9010 is one of the smallest and lightest of our digital multimeters. The MD 9010 unit can be used for a wide variety of applications. The high accuracy,…


MD 9016 Electrical Field Service Multimeter

The digital multimeter MD 9016 is a perfect combination of size, Innovative functions and built-in PC communication. It is capable to detect and diagnose most electrical and electrotechnical problems. Display…


MD 9020 General Purpose Digital Multimeter

The MD 9020 is a high-quality digital multimeter, designed for everyday use in the laboratory and for maintenance and repair work in the field and in the industrial sector as…


MD 9035 Automotive Multimeter Designed to Work On Real-World Car Signals

Metrel MD 9035 is a unique automotive multimeter top class with many exciting features, such as: Selectable 4-stroke, 4-DIS/2-stroke, & 2-DIS engine RPM; Selectable Trig (+) / Trig- on %…


MD 9040 TRMS Industrial Digital Multimeter

CAT IV / 1000 V overvoltage category and TRMS measurement of AC current and voltage are key features of the MD 9040. That’s why it is particularly suitable for performing…


MD 9050 TRMS Heavy Duty Industrial Digital Multimeter

The MD 9050 ranks among the best multimeters on the market. High resolution and accuracy, 2-line LCD display, fast data acquisition and transfer (via optical interface), CAT IV / 1000…


MD 9060 TRMS, 500.000 counts LCD, 100k Hz Voltage Bandwidth Heavy Duty Industrial Multimeter

The MD 9060 ranks among the most accurate multimeters with a large bandwidth and very high resolution. Metrel MD 9060 is equipped with a built-in VFD feature that makes the…