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KL-710 Biomedical Measurement Data Acquisition System

The software allows you to edit data and control the experiment process appearing on the screen. It performs 

four general functions:

1. Control the data acquisition process including the analog input, analog output, digital input, digital output and

    trigger start.

2. Perform real-time calculation including the math functions, digital filter, wave analysis, rate detection and power


3. Perform off-line analysis including the statistics, math functions, wave analysis, rate detection and power spectrum.   

4. Data can be saved in various formats.


Category: Biomedical Measurement Equipment

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KL-710 is a complete data acquisition system that includes both hardware and software for acquisition and analysis of life-science data. The hardware uses the DAQ interface cards from National Instrument. KL-710 system uses PC to acquire, analyze and store data.

  • Experiment 1 Electroencephalogram Measurement
  • Experiment 2 Electrooculogram Measurement
  • Experiment 3 Electromyogram Measurement
  • Experiment 4 Measurement of Heart Beat and Heart Sound
  • Experiment 5 Electrocardiogram Measurement 
  • Experiment 6 Measurement of Blood Pressure
  • Experiment 7 Measurement of Animal Blood Pressure and Temperature Parameters
  • Experiment 8 Measurement of Intestinal Sound
  • Experiment 9 Respiration Measurement
  • Experiment 10 Pulmonary Function Measurement
  • Experiment 11 Psychophysiological Parameters Measurement under Various Emotion Condition