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AT-12001 Cockpit Instrumentation Trainer


  • The trainer provides hands-on training for the students to get a good understanding of the operating principles of probes, sensors, pressure and electronic display system.

Category: Aerospace

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The Cockpit Instrumentation Trainer which includes the fault simulator, for allowing the instructor to insert a selected fault or simulate faults, helps students to identify the fault and troubleshoot the problem


The cockpit instrumentation trainer comprises the following units :

♦Flight control panel

  1. Electronic Flight Instrumentation Display, EFIS
  2. Engine Monitor System, EMS
  3. Three degrees of freedom instrument panel by the yoke 
    • Pitch movement
    • Roll movement
    • Yaw movement
  4. Flight instruments
    • Turn coordinator (for electrical drive)
    • Directional gyro (for electrical drive)
    • Attitude indicator / Artificial horizon
    • Airspeed indicator
    • Altimeter
    • Vertical speed indicator
  5. Protection of power distribution (circuit breakers)

♦ Pitot-Static System
1. Digital pressure indicator
2. Control valve
3. Pitot tube4. Static port

♦ Engine components

  1. 1. Actual mode 
    • Cylinder Head Temperature (CHT) thermocouple
    • Exhaust Gas Temperature (EGT) thermocouple
    • Outside Air Temperature (OAT) sensor
    • Fuel pressure sensor
    • Oil pressure sensor
    • Oil temperature sensor
    • Fuel quantity sensor
  2. Simulator mode
  3. Throttle control assembly
  4. Warning light
  5. Warning sound

♦ Fault simulator panel

♦ Power : AC 110V or 220V,  50Hz / 60Hz