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ASR-3000 Series Seamless AC/DC Switching Power Source

Feature Advantage Benefit
Wider voltage
range output
Low Range: 200VAC/285VDC
High Range: 400VAC/570VDC
Meet the general power supply all over the
world Single phase:AC100~277V ± 10%
(Max. 305VAC)
suitable for special voltage waveform
Crest Factor=6 Provide peak current  which is 6
times of Current
Provide sufficient instant power to meet
AC/DC adapter in production, to whom
needs higher peak current rectifying loads
without PFC.
Diversity of
power output
mode(AC, DC,
Provide both AC rating output and
DC rating output. DC Output (100%
of Rated Power) 
Aim to present server power and meet both
tests of 1) seamless AC to DC switching
without break; 2) offering high current for LV
DIP test when it's in low DC voltage input
Apart from basic voltage, current
and power measurements, it
provides harmonic measurementfunction at the same time.
Fulfill users both demands of AC/DC voltage 
test and simple power analysis
Equip Arbitrary
waveform and
sequence mode
Built-in more than 20,000 waveform
combinations in seven categories,
allowing users to quickly simulate
different AC voltage waveforms.
Users can perform the sequential voltage
waveforms through the ASR-Series editing
or PC software


Category: Power Supply

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ASR-3000 seamless AC/DC switching power source

Both AC and DC are Premier!


➢ AC & DC are rating power output 

Most competitor AC sources output half or limited-rating DC power output, while
GW ASR-Series outputs not only rating DC power output but seamless AC to DC
switching without break.

➢ Peak current output with CF=6

Premier peak current output capability to inrush current test.

➢ Wider voltage range output 

400Vrms / 570Vdc meet a demand of a diversity of voltage application around the