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Prepare Before The Lab – Tutor TIMS

TutorTIMS simulator is a block diagram approach to building telecommunications experiments, based on a continuously running DSP engine for immediate results. Supported by a massive suite of documented analogue and digital experiments, your students can build and test concepts before coming to class and attending laboratory sessions and tutorials.
TutorTIMS is available as a campus-wide site license so that ALL of your students can have the ability to prepare for class as well as further experiment in their own time.
To learn about TutorTIMS™, please go to the Resource centre & Download additional documents

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utorTIMS™ uses the same BLOCK DIAGRAM approach to bring the teaching power of TIMS to your students both in and outside of lab time. Students can do pre-lab preparation on the Tutor TIMS Simulator by creating their own experiments OR loading up the pre-prepared experiments you have provided them. They can do these in the lab, or at home before and after attending the lab, where they still have real-time, hands-on experience with the hardware TIMS systems. Their understanding is enhanced by the time spent preparing for their labs on Tutor TIMS.

How to view the TutorTIMS™ demonstration animated with Flash:
  • TutorTIMS™ is best viewed at a monitor display setting of 1024 x 768
  • Please set your display to this setting or higher before viewing this demonstration. The demonstration uses Flash 5.0 or higher, available in most browsers.
  • The flow can be controlled by a player control bar in the top right corner of the screen, which looks like this:A white screen may appear as your demonstration downloads to your browser. Please wait a short while and then press » on the player bar to continue viewing.The demonstration will ‘stream’ to your browser depending on the speed of your connection. Once you have viewed it once, it will be ‘cached’ in your browser and can easily be viewed at your own pace using the player control bar.

View the demo animation View the demo slideshow

How to download your evaluation version of TutorTIMS
  • TutorTIMS™ is a JAVA-based application, and requires that your PC be JAVA-enabled. You must have Java runtime V1.4 or later installed on your PC. If you need JAVA for your machine, go to www.java.com and download and install it before using TutorTIMS.
  • TutorTIMS-Freeware v1.1 is a feature-limited version of TutorTIMS™ which you can use for your own evaluation of TutorTIMS™. The grayed-out features are available in other versions of TutorTIMS as defined in the TutorTIMS™ information sheet available to download. For more information, go to Resource Centre, at the bottom of this page and download the TutorTIMS Brochure.