PR203/PR205 Furnace Temperature and Humidity Data Recorder System


  • 1. 0.1 second / channel inspection speed
  • Flexible Wiring
  • Professional Thermocouple Reference Junction Compensation
  • Thermocouple measurement accuracy meets the requirements of AMS2750E specifications
  • Optional dry -wet bulb method to measure humidity
  • Wireless communication function
  • Support for Data Storage
  • Channel expansion capability
  • Closed design, compact and portable
  • Statistics and data analysis functions
  • Powerful human interface

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PR203/PR205 Furnace Temperature and Humidity Data Recorder System

It has 0.01% level accuracy, small in size and convenient to carry. Up to 72 channels’ TCs, 24 channels’ RTDs, and 15 channels’ humidity sensors can be connected. The instrument has the powerful human interface, which can display the electric value and temperature / humidity value of each channel at the same time. It is a professional instrument for temperature and humidity uniformity acquisition.

Model selection table

Items/model PR203AS PR203AF PR203AC PR205AF PR205AS PR205DF PR205DS
Products name Temperature and Humidity data recorder  Data recorder
Number of thermocouple channels 32 24
Number of thermal resistance channels 16 12
Number of Humidity channels 5 3
Wireless communication RS232 2.4G wireless IOT 2.4G wireless RS232 2.4G wireless RS232
Supporting PANRAN Smart Metrology APP    

Battery life 15h 12h 10h 17h 20h 17h 20h
Connector mode Special connector aviation plug
Additional number of channels to expand 40 pcs thermocouple channels/8 pcs RTD channels/3 humidity channels
Advanced data analysis capabilities

Basic data analysis capabilities  

Double backup of data

History data view

Modification value management function

Screen Size Industrial 5.0 inch TFT color screen Industrial 3.5 inch TFT color screen
Dimension 307mm*185mm*57mm 300mm*165m*50mm
Weight 1.2kg(No charger)
Working environment Temperature: -5℃~45℃ ; Humidity: 0~80%,Non condensing
Preheating time 10 minutes
Calibration period 1 year


Performance index

1. Electrical technology index

Range Measurement range Resolution Accuracy  Number of channels Remarks
70mV -5mV~70 mV 0.1uV 0.01%RD+5uV 32 Input impedance≥50MΩ
400Ω 0Ω~400Ω 1mΩ 0.01%RD+0.005%FS 16 Output 1mA excitation current

2. Temperature sensor

Range Measurement range Accuracy Resolution Sampling speed Remarks
S 100.0℃~1768.0℃ 600℃,0.8℃ 0.01℃ 0.1s/Channel Conform to ITS-90 standard temperature;
R 1000℃,0.9℃ A type device include reference junction compensation error
B 250.0℃~1820.0℃ 1300℃,0.8℃  
K -100.0~1300.0℃ ≤600℃,0.6℃  
N -200.0~1300.0℃ >600℃,0.1%RD  
J -100.0℃~900.0℃    
E -90.0℃~700.0℃    
T -150.0℃~400.0℃    
Pt100 -150.00℃~800.00℃ 0℃,0.06℃ 0.001℃ 0.5s/Channel 1mA excitation current
Humidity 1.0%RH~99.0%RH 0.1%RH 0.01%RH 1.0s/Channel No contain humidity transmitter error

3. Accessory selection

Accessory model Functional description
PR2055 Expansion module with 40-channel thermocouple measurement
PR2056 Expansion module with 8 platinum resistance and 3 humidity measurement functions
PR2057 Expansion module with 1 platinum resistance and 10 humidity measurement functions
PR1502 Low ripple noise external power adapter