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Metrel MD 9930 Thermal camera

Measuring functions

  • Temperature;
  • Temperature difference.

Key features

  • Very fast frame rate 50 hz;
  • Automatic markers on screen (hot spots, cold spots, central);
  • 4 different palletes;
  • Lock and compare feature;
  • Temperature in °C, °F or K;
  • Laser pointer;
  • LED flashlight;
  • Thermal and visible light videos;
  • Simultaneous storage of visible light and IR images for video;
  • Live transmission of video over HDMI or USB;
  • Included 8 GB micro SD card (for more than 6000 images);
  • Included card reader for PC;
  • PC software for image editing and report building included;
  • Li-Ion batteries with long life;
  • Internal memory;
  • Hold image feature.


  • Metrel IR analyser PC Software.

Technical data

  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 224 x 77 x 96 mm
  • Mass (without accessories): 500 g

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MD 9930 is the go-to imager for most applications. Extremely versatile, with a great thermal resolution, it can view and check nearly any thermally stressed object. From electrical distribution boards, motors, bearings and friction, to hidden fault finding in the water supply or electrical systems in buildings. It can shoot both thermal, visible light and combined images that help with orientating and locating the fault from the image. Thermal focus is can be set manually and there is 32x digital zoom available. Cursors and central thermometer make images easy to read while thermal videos with high frame rate can follow quick changes in temperature. Audio comments can be added to the videos.

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MI 3295 Step Contact Voltage Measuring System







Main Features Thermal camera features Thermal range -20–350°C ket
Thermal resolution 120x150 pxl ket
Spectral range 8-14 µm ket
Frame rate 50 Hz ket
Thermal sensitivity 100 mK ket
Emissivity settable 0.01–0.99 ket
Integrated emissivity tables for common materials ket
Field of vision 25°x19° ket
Spatial resolution 2.78 mrad ket
Minimal focud distance 0.5m ket
Manual focus ket
Digital zoom 1x–32x ket
Thermal video ket
Fusion view ket
Visible light camera ket
Manual span ket
Auto span ket
Additional Features LED torch lamp LED torch lamp ket
Self-Calibration Temperature compensation ket
Display LCD ket
Back Light ket
Power Supply Battery Powered ket
Rechargeable Batteries in standard delivery ket
Memory Downloadable ket
Internal Memory ket
microSD memory card ket
Laser Pointer Laser Pointer ket
Communication Port Communication Port USB ket