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Metrel MD 9880 TRMS Thermal Multimeter

Measuring functions

  • Temperature with cursor on camera,
  • TRMS DC and AC voltage,
  • TRMS DC and AC current,
  • Resistance,
  • Frequency,
  • Capacitance,
  • Duty cycle,
  • Diode test.

Key features

  • Thermal view,
  • Automatic and manual range,
  • Hold and auto-hold modes,
  • MIN/MAX values capture,
  • Relative mode,
  • Peak capture mode,
  • Temperature in °C, °F or K.

Technical data

  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 175 x 85 x 55 mm
  • Mass (without accessories): 540 g

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MD 9880 is the ultimate troubleshooting tool. Combining essential multimeter functions with thermal viewer, it allows a service provider to quickly locate a wide array of possible faults. Hot spots can be then simply tested with electrical measurement. Thermal view also expands the usefulness of the instrument to other applications in the facility or vehicle, locating leaks, frictions stress and thermal losses.

ket Function is supported
ket Function is not supported
ket Function is optional


MI 3295 Step Contact Voltage Measuring System







Main Features Thermal camera features Thermal range -20–260°C ket
Thermal resolution 80x80 pxl ket
Spectral range 8-14 µm ket
Frame rate 50 Hz ket
Thermal sensitivity 100 mK ket
Emissivity settable 0.01–0.99 ket
Field of vision 21°x21° ket
Spatial resolution 4.53 mrad ket
Minimal focud distance 0.5m ket
Fixed focus ket
Auto span ket
Additional Features Data hold MAX/MIN/AVG recording ket
LED torch lamp LED torch lamp ket
Display LCD ket
Back Light ket
Power Supply Battery Powered ket
Rechargeable Batteries in standard delivery ket