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LA-60 Breadboard for Brick, ARDUINO

  Breadboard for Brick, ARDUINO

Category: Electronic Trainer Equipment Breadboard

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1. 6 interconnected round tie points per row in horizontal array provide an ideal placement and more tie point for
      DIP size chip.

  2. Power BUS

      Each of continual interconnected tie point with black line marking COM, and each of continual interconnected tie points 

      with red line marking V1、V2、V3、V4、V5、 V6 

  3. Interconnected “Round” tie point make your wiring easier, and it accepts solid wires from AWG #22~30 (0.3~0.8mm)

  4. Easy combination & expansion

  5. Easy insertion & wiring

  6. Flexible for simple circuit、Brick、ARDUINO circuits.

  7. Dimension : 68 x 60 x 8 (L x W x H, m/m)

  8. TIE-POINTS : 360

  9. 6 interconnected clip : 60

10. Standard packaging : 1 Breadboard, 8 Brick compatible posts

KandH LA-60 Breadboard for Brick, ARDUINO | Terminal Elektronika Sekawan