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KL-900E Near Field Communication (NFC) Trainer

Part I : NFC Principle of Transmission


♦ Coupled Transmission

Experiment   1 : Electromagnetic inductive coupling transmission

Experiment   2 : RF DC converter

♦ LC Characteristics

Experiment   3 : Resonant frequencies

Experiment   4 : Resonant frequency characteristics curve

♦ Load Modulation

Experiment   5 : Resistive load modulation

Experiment   6 : Carrier load modulation


Part II : NFC and Contactless Smart Card


♦ NFC ASK Modulation

Experiment   7 : NFC-A signal waveform measurement

Experiment   8 : NFC-B/F signal waveform measurement

♦ NFC Data Rate Experiment

Experiment   9 : NFC-A data rate experiment

Experiment 10 : NFC-B/F data rate experiment

♦ NFC Read Card ID

Experiment 11 : NFC-A read ID

Experiment 12 : NFC-F read ID 

♦ NFC Read / Write Data Block

Experiment 13 : Mifare S50 card read/write data block
Experiment 14 : Ultralight card read/write data block


Part III : NFC Appliance Integration



Experiment 15 : NFC data exchange format

Experiment 16 : NDEF vCard

♦ P2P

Experiment 17 : P2P message transmission

Experiment 18 : P2P file transmission

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NFC (Near Field Communication) is a type of short-range wireless technologies, with typical distance of 10 cm or less. NFC is compatible with existing passive RFID (13.56 MHz ISO/IEC 18000-3) infrastructures.


     KL-900E NFC Trainer covers three parts: (1)NFC Principle of Transmission, (2)NFC and Contactless Smart Card and (3)NFC Appliance Integration. We hope to provide a complete learning experimental instrument for NFC that covers from physical to application layer for the novice.


1. 8 antenna modules

2. Adjustable antenna module holder

3. LED/LCD/BUTTON user interface

4. Standard NFC SOC Module

5. Mifare S50 card and Ultralight card

6. NDEF, NDEF vCard and P2P data transmission,…etc

7. Complete learning experimental instrument that covers NFC physical to application layer