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DCN-100 IP-PBX Training System

Features : 

• Setting of the IP-PBX main unit

• Installation and application of an IP Phone 

• Instruction of the VoIP Gateway operation–software and hardware

• Gateway settings and Applications: Analog Phone (FXS) 

• Gateway settings and Applications (1): Foreign exchange Office (PSTN)

• Gateway settings and Applications (2): Foreign exchange Office (PSTN)

• Settings of Automatic exchange switchboard

• Gateway settings and the integration of Auto-Attendant

• Video Phone configuration 


• Voice mail

• Group Phones 

• Call Pickup

• The Broadcasting System

• Voice Conference Room

• Setting and Dialing of IP-PBX phones in the computer

• PoE (Power of Ethernet)

Category: Data Communication & Networking

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IP-PBX (Internet Protocol-Private Branch Exchange) is an Internet phone system. In comparison with a traditional PBX network, IP-PBX transmits all calls via data packets over a TCP/IP network. The IP-PBX Training System (DCN-100) is an ideal platform for exploring the functions of the IP-PBX. It utilizes the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) technology to establish audio and video communication within data network. Along with DCN-100, the open-source software – “Wireshark Network Analyzer”, is used to capture and observe the SIP packets. In recent years, the protocol extensions of the SIP have lead to the continuous expansion of the SIP application scope. As a result, the SIP has emerged to be one of the next-generation key technologies in data networking / telecommunication/communication networking realm.

1. Software-aided, controlling the SIP main unit to execute establishment, modification, and maintenance of SIP accounts.

2. Demonstrates the configuration of the IP-PBX Training System.

3. Analyzes various scenarios involving hands-on communication between two or more endpoints across various phone
    devices (eg: traditional telephones, IP phones, and video phones) to embody the theory of data transmission through
    the IP-PBX system.