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CIC-560 Advanced FPGA Development System

• Basic logic circuit design and application

  1.  QUARTUS II software installation and operation

  2.  Basic combinational logic circuit

  3.  Basic sequential logic circuit

  4.  Basic arithmetic logic circuit

  5.  Using megafunction

  6.  Numerical code conversion circuit


• Advanced logic circuit design and application


  1.  48-bit up/down counter with load, clear and enable

  2.  Infrared coupled transceiver controls 8-digit decimal scanning counter

  3.  Rotary encoder switch detector

  4.  16-segment LEDs digital display decoder

  5.  8 x 8 x 2 color dots matrix graphic display control

  6.  4 x 4 scanning matrix keypad control

  7.  128 x 64 LCD module display control

  8.  ADC conversion with hexadecimal and decimal display

  9.  DAC conversion for precise frequency generator

10.  Precise function generator controlled by keypad

11.  8 x 8 x 8 color pixels of VGA display control

12.  Interfacing with synchronous serial PS/2 keyboard

13.  Step motor position controlled by keypad

14.  Step motor speed controlled by keypad

15.  Using QUARTUS built in real time logic analyzer

16.  High speed frequency and period counter

17.  Digital clock

18.  Music box

19.  Electronic piano

20.  Digital cipher locker

21.  Digital cipher locker with hopping code

22.  Bingo machine

23.  Electronic dices

24.  Traffic light control

25.  Serial DAC transmission

26.  IIC transmission

27.  UART transmission

28.  Interfacing with MCU

29.  Building NIOS CPU from SOPC developmental system

Category: Microcomputer Control Equipment

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 CIC-560 training system is designed based on the latest digital technology in conjunction with EDA experimental teaching material. This training system consists of FPGA chip with higher logic elements and large number of pins. Therefore, students are able to develop, implement and verify design of basic or advanced digital circuit, digital signal processor and CPU/MCU. 


    This system is equipped with ADC/DAC analog module, keyboard, LCD display, PS2, VGA, UART, SCI interface, LEDs, 8-digit 7-segment displays, DC motor and stepper motor which allow students to handle complex mixed signal design and digital control design.

1. CIC-560 is well equipped for complex digital circuit design.

2. It provides AD/DA converter, keypad, LCD display, PS/2, VGA, UART, SCI interface, LEDS, 8-digit 7-segment LED 

    display, step motor and DC motor driver circuits.

3. Suitable for the curriculum training in electronics, electrical engineering, information, communication and automation field

4. Ideal for professional IC designers, R&D engineers, undergraduate and graduate students to learn IC design and software 


5. Develop and verify basic and advanced digital circuit, digital signal processing and CPU / MCU with large-element and

    multi-pin FPGA chip