AT-F1003 Diamond DA40 Flight Simulator System with Mock-up Fuselage


The mock-up aircraft fuselage is a replica or actual fuselage of the Diamond DA40 single piston engine propeller aircraft with a scale of 1:1. Complete flight simulator instrument panel of Glass Cockpit system with configurable Primary Flight Display (PFD), Multi Function Display (MFD) or Navigation Display (ND).

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The complete flight simulator system provides the functional simulation of single piston engine propeller aircraft with all details. It is reproduced according to the exact dimensions and layout of the original instrument panel which can be found in the Diamond Da40 aircraft

The Visual System that comprises 3pcs of TVs display and the adjustable display stand will form the flight simulator.

1. Support 3pcs of LED TV 42 inch above (AC 110 or 220V).

2. Quality materials used.

3. 3pcs TVs displays are mounted on to the supporting structure at desired height and position for optimism panoramic simulation viewing.


Instrument panel of the Diamond DA40 flight simulator system comprises the following units:

  1. Flight instruments  
     • Altimeter, ALT
     • Airspeed indicator, ASI
     • Attitude indicator, AI
     • Two units of simulated of G1000 glass cockpit. Primary flight display (PFD) Multi-Function display (MFD)
     • Audio panel
     • Autopilot
     • Digital clock
  2. Flight control
       • Two units of control stick
       • Throttle control assembly
       • Rudder pedals
       • Trim wheel
       • Flap control switch
  3. Engine master switch
  4. Electrical master key switch
  5. Avionics master switch
  6. Light regulation
  7. Dummy circuit breakers
    1. Seats for pilot trainee and instructor