AT-13101 Mini Turbine Engine Trainer


AT-13101 Mini Turbine Engine Trainer comes with manifold sensor such as temperatures, pressure, the thrust produced, RPM and fuel flow. With those sensors, multiple surveillance and data analysis for Turbine engine will be done effectively. All the properties mentioned above could provide stable control platform for multiple data analysis and measurement; it is suitable for aviation training college and related engineering field to develop applications.

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AT-13101 Mini Turbine Engine Trainer, with more than 12KG of thrust, was developed and manufactured in Taiwan. This Turbine Engine trainer is controlled by Electronic Control Unit (ECU). It can control the starting process, ignition, RPM and fuel flow. ECU prevents damages resulted from improper shutdown. Automatic ignition system ensures stability of starting up by linking DC motor to internal compressor.

  1. 15 inch panel PC
  2. Controller board
  3. Master power switch on with a safety key
  4. Turbine ignition switch is protected by switch guard, to prevent unintentional activation or emergency shutdown
  5. Throttle control : Direct Current (DC) voltage control
  6. LCD display
  7. Fuel Tank : 50 Liters
  8. Turbine design      
    • Maximum thrust : 12 Kg/120000RPM    
    • RPM : 3500 −120000 RPM  
    • Fuel : Jet-A, kerosene or diesel (must be mixed with 5% synthetic turbine oil)
    • Length : 35 cm
    • Diameter : 11 cm
  9. ECU    
    • Automatically control fuel pump, regulate the fuel flow and safety limit
    • Monitor EGT, for starting and shut down
    • Monitor DC power supply : regulated DC power supply for starter and ignitor
    • ECU will monitor startup, run and shutdown for safely operation