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AT-11007 Avionics Trainer


  • Includes a complete, real and modern aircraft cockpit instruments.
  • Student could experience the exact operation of aircraft cockpit instruments via the external ramp testers.
  • The Avionics Trainer comes with Fault Simulation Panel for conduct of training on troubleshooting. Panel allows the simulation of faults for enhanced learning

Category: Aerospace

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The Avionics Trainer is available for performing complete functional simulation of a standard aircraft avionics system. Besides that, can be used for providing hands-on training for the students to attain a good understanding of the operating principles of various instruments.


The Avionics Trainer will consist of the following:

  1. Intercom device
  2. Audio control panel
  3. Standard transceiver of navigation and communication system 
    • Communication transceiver
    • Navigation(VOR/LOC) receiver
    • Glide slope receiver
  4. GPS Navigation System
  5. Automatic Direction Finder, ADF
  6. Distance Measuring Equipment, DME
  7. Transponder
  8. ILS Indicator
  9. Navigation/GPS Indicator
  10. ADF Indicator
  11. Antenna Group 
    • VOR/Glide Slope
    • Communication
    • Marker Beacon
    • GPS
    • ADF
    • DME
    • Transponder
  12. Map Display
  13. Audio output (speaker and headsets)
  14. Intercommunication system between pilot and copilot
  15. Provide the test and measurement equipment
  16. Fault simulator
  17. Power : AC 90‐230V, 50/60Hz