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MS-6200 Mechatronics Training System (for PLC-200)

1. Input-simulation switches function as level and pulse Input for different input signal.

2. Windows-based development software

3. Assorted peripheral devices and devices that support external extensions, it is particularly suitable for laboratory
    experiment and project implementation.

4. Various simulations I/O devices for studying and observing the results

5. Using 4mm safety sockets on Input/Output terminals to ensure users’ safety.

Category: Automatic Control Equipment

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Since PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) was firstly introduced in 1970, it has been widely applied to various industrial uses such as machine and process controls.


The Modular Production System stations allow various simulations of real production processes that exist in industrial field. The system is universal, industry-based, modular and flexible for further expansion. Students can learn the entire process of production, such as feeding, processing, etc.


Each station simplifies the training of operation and can be expanded sequentially step by step through building complex automated procedure.