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MI 3290 GF Earth Analyser

Measuring functions

  • Earth Resistance 2,3,4 -pole;
  • Selective Earth Resist (1 x clamp);
  • Earth Resistance (2 x iron clamps);
  • Specific Earth Resistance (Wenner and Schlumberger method);
  • HF-Earth Resistance (25 kHz, acc. to IEEE_Std 81);
  • Earth Resistance of mono pylons with 10 m flex clamp;
  • Earth Resistance of multi–leg pylons with up to four flex clamps;
  • Current measurement (Iron, flex clamps);
  • Low Ohm measurement 7 mA and 200 mA;
  • Earth Potential;
  • Step and contact measurements;
  • Impulse Earth measurement 10/350 µs.

Key features

  • Possibility of performing all types of earth measurements with a single instrument.
  • Analysis of earth impedance as a function of the frequency due to a wide measurement frequency band (55 Hz ... 15 kHz).
  • Earth measurements on pylons with protective earth cable connected.
  • Measurement on mono towers and 4-leg tower.
  • A wide variety of measuring clamps: from iron clamps to flex clamps with 10 m length.
  • HF-Earth resistance measurement (acc. to IEEE_Std 81).
  • Sweep mode Z(f) on screen.
  • 3.4’’ colour LCD display with touch screen.
  • Floating Mains (universal 90 … 260 V AC) or battery powered (built in fast charger).
  • High degree of protection: IP 65 case closed, IP 54 case open.
  • Checkbox - different self-check methods.
  • DC resistance measurements.
  • Impulse impendance measurement for simulating the lightning strike.
  • Support for single or automated measurements.
  • PC SW for measurement pre and post processing: preparation of the test structure, result download, tree-view, table view and graphical view, storing and printing.

Technical data


  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 360 X 160 X 330 mm
  • Weight (with batteries, without accessories): 6 kg 
  • Meter 

  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 230 X 103 X 115 mm
  • Weight (with batteries, without accessories): 1.3 kg

Category: Earth Tester

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MI 3290 Earth Analyser is a portable, battery or mains powered test instrument with excellent IP protection (IP 54 open case), intended for measurement of earth resistance, specific earth resistance and earth potential of various energetic and non-energetic objects. The user can choose between different methods from classic 3 wire earth resistance measurement up to one or four clamp method for measurement of pylons. He has a choice of measurement methods with different frequency methods: single frequency or frequency sweep from 55 Hz to 15 kHz, HF method with 25 kHz and pulse method simulating the lightning strike. High electrical noise immunity makes this instrument best suited for industrial environment. Instrument is available in multiple sets which are a combination of different accessories and measurement functions.

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MI 3290 GF Earth Analyser






Extra Features WorkSpaces Earth / Ground Mode
Project Structure
Visual Inspection Mode
Functional Inspection Mode
funnel Mode
AUTOSEQUENCE programmable
PASS/FAIL System Evaluation
Custom Visual/Functional Inspection
AUTOSEQUENCE funnel Analyses
Advanced User Interface Colour display
Touch screen
Adaptable user interface
Graphical Help Menus
Database System Built In
Programmable Memory Structure
Multi-level Memory Organiser
On-site Parameter Settings
Automatic test sequence Multitest sequence
Main Features Voltage Voltage TRMS
Earth / Ground Resistance Earth Resistance 2-wire
Earth Resistance 3-wire
Z Ground Impedance
Single / Multi / Sweep Frequency
Fault Voltage Calculation
Touch Voltage Calculation
Autonomuous Touch / Step Voltmeter
Wenner 4-wire Specific Earth Resistance
Schlumberger 4-wire Specific Earth Resistance
Potential measurement
Step Voltage measurement
Contact Voltage measurement
Additional Features Display Back Light
PASS / FAIL Indicators PASS / FAIL Indicators
Keyboard QWERTY Keyboard
Connectivity Communication Port USB
Built-in Bluetooth
Communication Port RS232 - PS/2
Memory Downloadable
Internal memory
Filter Noise immunity filter
Power Supply Battery Powered
Dual Power
Rechargeable Batteries in standard delivery
Graphical user interface Graphical on Line Help
Special Accessories Battery Charger Battery Charger
PC Software Package MESM Compatible
PC Software Package
Autonomuous Touch / Step Voltmeter MI 3295M Autonomuous Touch / Step Voltmeter
Test leads Test lead with Kelvin probe or clamps
Standards Applied IEEE 81-2012 IEEE 81-2012