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MI 3122 SMARTEC Z Line Loop RCD

Measuring functions

  • Line impedance;
  • Loop impedance;
  • Loop impedance with Trip Lock RCD function;
  • TRMS voltage and frequency;
  • Phase sequence;
  • RCD testing (general and selective, type AC and A).

Key features

  • Help screens: instrument comes complete with built-in help screens for referencing on site.
  • LED Pass/Fail indicators: two LED indicators for PASS / FAIL evaluation of test results are placed on both sides of the LCD.
  • Built-in fuse tables: this unique feature allows automatic evaluation of the line / loop impedance compared to the regulations.
  • Online voltage monitoring: monitors all 3 voltages in real-time.
  • Downloadable: downloads via RS232 or USB cable directly to the PC with the help of the optional software.
  • Upgradeable: if changes occur to the regulations upgrades can be made to the firmware to keep the instrument up to date.
  • Trip Lock function: Zs (RCD) function performs a loop impedance test without tripping the RCD.
  • Built-in charger & rechargeable batteries: instrument has a built-in charging circuit and comes complete with a set of rechargeable NiMH batteries.
  • RCD auto: automated RCD testing procedure significantly reduces test time.
  • Easy to use: large bright LCD display and large buttons enable easy handling of the instrument (even while wearing gloves).
  • Magnetic holder: magnet for fixing instrument on metal surfaces enables hands-free operation.

Technical data

  • Dimensions (w x h x l): 140 x 80 x 230 mm
  • Mass (without accessories): 0.93 kg

Category: Single Functional Tester

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The MI 3122 SMARTEC Z Line-Loop / RCD is designed specifically for live circuit testing. The instrument contains integrated characteristics of fuses and RCDs for the evaluation of test results. The online voltage monitoring system allows the operator to control what is happening on three simultaneous voltages in real-time. The bright red and green PASS / FAIL lights and help screens for each measurement make the handling of the instrument easy and clear. All the results can be quickly saved on the instrument and then downloaded via the optional A 1291 EuroLink PRO or A 1290 EuroLink PRO Plus software for evaluation and professional report generation after testing. The MI 3122 SMARTEC Z Line-Loop / RCD performs RCD, loop, line, AC voltage, frequency and phase sequence tests required by the EN 61557 standard.

ket Function is supported
ket F unction is not supported
ket Function is optional


MI 3122 SMARTEC Z Line Loop RCD







Extra Features AUTOSEQUENCE ® PASS/FAIL System Evaluation
Main Features Three Phase 3-Phase system (Phase SEQUENCE)
Voltage Monitoring Voltage
Voltage AC Frequency
Voltage TRMS
Z Line / Loop Impedance Zline 3- wire Zline L-L, L-N Ipsc - 3 Wire
Z Line / Loop Impedance Zloop 3-wire Zloop L-PE, Ipfc - 3 Wire
Z Line / Loop Impedance Zs (RCD) Zs (rcd) - 3 Wire
Z Line / Loop Impedance Zref Zref, ΔU%
Z Line / Loop Impedance Fuse tables Fuse Tables
RCD type AC RCD type AC
RCD type A RCD type A
RCD (t) RCD (t)
RCD I Ramp RCD I Ramp
RCD Auto RCD Auto
RCD 3-Phase RCD 3-Phase
RCD RCD-S (Selective) RCD-S (Selective)
Additional Features Hand-Held Hand-Held
PASS / FAIL Indicators PASS / FAIL Indicators
Mains Supply / PE Check Mains Supply / PE Check
Display LCD LCD
Display Back Light Back Light
Power Supply Rechargeable Batteries in standard delivery Rechargeable Batteries in standard delivery
Power Supply Battery Battery Powered
Graphical user interface – Online help Graphical on Line Help
Communication Port USB Communication Port USB
Communication Port RS232 - PS/2 Communication Port RS232 - PS/2
Memory Internal Internal memory
Memory Downloadable Downloadable
Special Accessories Battery Charger Battery Charger
Tip Commander Tip Commander
Plug Commander Plug Commander
Standards Applied IEC 60364 IEC 60364-6
IEC 60755 IEC 60755
IEC 61008 IEC 61008
IEC 61009 IEC 61009
IEC 61557 IEC 61557-1
IEC 61557-3
IEC 61557-6
IEC 61557-7
IEC 61557-10
AS / NZ 3760 AS / NZ 3760
AS / NZ 3018 AS / NZ 3018
VDE 0413 VDE 0413
HD 384 HD 384
BS 7671 BS 7671 17th Edition