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LP-2800 / LP-3500 Logic Probe

        The K&H LP-540H logic pulser is a very effective tool for inspecting and repairing logic circuits. It can directly inject a signal into the logic circuits neither removing the IC nor breaking the circuits          

Category: Electronic Trainer Equipment Breadboard


    Using the logic probe as a monitor, you not only know the wiring errors but also check out mal- functional components. 

    Logic Pulser can produce a 10µs pulse signal at 100 mA load. The signal frequency can be switched to either 0.5Hz or 400Hz as a result the LP-540H is a fairly powerful pulser. 

    Moreover, the Logic Pulser can produce a 90% high digital signal at the square wave output terminal. It is easier to observe and trace circuits by using an oscilloscope. With a sync. input, it’s able to produce an external synchronized signal.


 If you are interested in this product,please download the PDF for more details.