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KI-3020D Digitized Semiconductor Curve Tracer

Digitized Semiconductor Curve Tracer

Category: Testing Instrument


  KI-3020D is designed to create a digital curve for testing 2-pin / 3-pin semiconductor devices, such as Diodes, NPN/PNP Transistors, FET, IGBT, UJT, SCR, TRIAC, etc...  All results are displayed on built-in TFT LCD screen without additional oscilloscope or PC. It also provides the touchscreen for intuitive manipulation-simply touchscreen buttons to set up desired measuring conditions, including device type, voltage bias, or current steps, etc...   


     Two sets of the testing socket are available for users to switch between two devices for rapidly test and comparison.  All captured curve data can be displayed on LCD screen and saved in PC.


1. Built-in TFT LCD screen, no PC required.

2. Generate 8 sets of digital curves on LCD screen in 1 second.

3. Alternatively connect to external scope for real-time measurement.

4. Save and reload maximum 8 sets of previous curves for revision and comparison.

5. Provide two sets of test socket for quick measurement and curve comparison.

6. Reserve USB port to load data into PC.