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GES-200 Wind Energy Trainer

1. Self-contained wind energy trainer 

2. Modular design, easy setup and storage

3. Types of blades are selectable. Adjust number and tilt angle of blades

4. Horizontal and vertical axis wind generator available

5. DAQ has the advantage of gaining and saving the experimental data (optional

Category: Green Energy Equipment

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The GES-200 Wind Energy Trainer is an easy and self-contained trainer designed for learning the basics and characteristics of wind energy. 


The current-voltage characteristic curves and charging / discharging curves are obtained through the use of different wind speeds, load units and wind generators.

1. Measuring wind speed in the surroundings with anemometer

  2. Relationship between wind speed and wind speed controller of the blower 

  3. Effect of blade type on the output power of horizontal axis wind turbine 

  4. Relationship between the number of blades and the output power of horizontal axis wind turbine 

  5. Effect of blade angle on the output power of horizontal axis  wind turbine 

  6. I-V curve of the horizontal axis wind turbine at constant rotational speed 

  7. Relationship between placement and I-V curve of horizontal axis wind turbine

  8. Effect of wind speed on the output power of horizontal axis  wind turbine 

  9. Output power of 3-blade and 4-blade vertical axis wind turbines

10. I-V curve of the vertical axis wind turbine at constant wind speed 

11. Charging a capacitor with the horizontal axis wind turbine

12. Discharging the capacitor through different loads 

13. Constructing a wind power island system