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EM-3350 Cutaway Model of Electrical Machine

  • Made from normal electrical machines.
  • All models can operate standalone without any additional module.
  • The stator is cut away by 1/4 over the entire surface for optimum view of the internal construction.
  • Simply power on the equipment and all machines will start running
  • The cutaway surfaces are protected against corrosion.
  • All models are covered by plastic acrylic for experimental safety
  • The diagram of internal structure and its explanation for each mechanical part is attached above the model

Category: Electrical Machine Power Electronics


Cutaway models are made from normal electrical machines. The stator is cut away by 1/4 over the entire length for an optimum view of the internal construction of the machine and it is still operating. The cutaway surfaces are protected against corrosion.

CUTAWAY MODEL OF ELECTRICAL MACHINE- for educational teaching, learning & demonstration of motors, permanent magnet, induction motor, shunt / compound wound, synchronous, rotor winding, squirrel cag