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CIC-500 DSP Development and Experiment System

 1.  System installation

  2.  Operation of code composer studio

  3.  DSP TMS320C542 overview

  4.  C54x algebraic instructions

  5.  Serial 14-bit ADC and DAC

  6.  Mathematical operations

  7.  Digital waveform generators

  8.  Delay and echo control

  9.  Speech compander and digital recorder

10.  FIR digital filter

11.  AM modulator and voice scrambler

12.  IIR digital filter

13.  FFT algorithm

14.  DTMF Tone-dialing system

15.  Speech recognition

16.  Peripheral application control :

       (1)  DC servo PWM control

       (2)  Step motor control

       (3)  Temperature control

       (4)  PLC I/O interface control

Category: Microcomputer Control Equipment

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CIC-500 is a DSP development system designed for learning DSP hardware implementations. The system combines both DSP chip for signal processing and FPGA chip for I/O control.  


 With various built-in I/Os and several implementation examples, ranging from basic DSP theory to advanced DSP applications, users are able to learn DSP implementations efficiently.

1. FPGA (FLEX 8000) download board (84pin)

2. Program manager software for program download and In-System-Programming 

3. Additional training content : DC motor, stepper motor, temperature and PLC I/O controls

4. I/O expanded socket included