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CIC-310 CPLD/FPGA Development System

1.  Design combinational logic circuit

2.  Design sequential logic circuit

3.  Design flip-flops circuit

4.  Design counters and applications

5.  Design ALUs and applications

6.  Design encoder/decoder and multipliers/demultipliers

7.  Design frequency synthesizer and shift registers

8.  Production and application of digital circuit

Category: Microcomputer Control Equipment

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CIC-310 CPLD/FPGA Development System is self-contained system which contains stabilized DC power supplies, Development Board and Experiment Board. CIC-310 also provides digital system designers for hardware verification which enables students to learn digital system design efficiently.

1. FPGA (FLEX 8000) download board (84pin)

2. I/O experiments board

3. MAX+PLUS® II development software (student version)

4. Program manager software for program download and In-System-Programming

5. Experiment manual