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CI-33001C CPLD/FPGA Prototyping Board

Category: Microcomputer Control Equipment

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 CPLD/FPGA Prototyping Board

1. Atmel ATF1508-15 CPLD chip, compatible with Altera MAX 7128, contains 128 microcells over 2500 usable

    gates which is able to reprogram over 10k times.

2. Adopting Altera MAX+PLUS®  II for chip development, users can use graphic or text editor (HDL syntax) to design,

    simulate and implement digital circuit easily.

3. The program is downloaded from PC to CPLD chip via printer port with JTAG technology.

4. Providing some simple I/Os for design efficiency

5. Reserving large hardware design area best for circuit prototyping and student project implementation

6. Best solution for the shortages of budget