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A 1143 Euro Z 290 A

Key features

  • Independence: instrument is designed to work independently or in conjunction with: MI 2086 Eurotest 61557, MI 3101 EurotestAT, MI 3105 EurotestXA and MI 3321 MultiServicerXA.
  • Range widening: adapts the instruments to read from 0.1 mΩ up to 19.99 Ω.
  • Multi-system testing: works on both single phase and 3-phase systems (115 V to 440 V).
  • IPSC and IPFC calculation: IPSC and IPFC readings calculated up to 400 kA.
  • 4-wire measurement for elimination of voltage drop on measuring leads.
  • Comfortable carrying: all the accessories are put in the strong, rugged, durable case of the instrument.
  • LCD: Built-in LCD for standalone measurements.

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The A 1143 Euro Z 290 A is a professional portable high current impedance tester. It performs high precision line and high precision fault loop impedance measurements in environments up to CAT IV / 310 V.

Euro Z 290 A is the impedance tester which enables line / loop impedance measurements with an accuracy down to 0.1 mΩ.

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A 1143 Euro Z 290 A





Extra Features Workspaces Industrial Mode
Main Features Voltage Voltage TRMS
Three Phase 3-Phase system (Phase SEQUENCE)
Z Line / Loop Impedance Zline L-L, L-N Ipsc - 3 Wire
Zloop L-PE, Ipfc - 3 Wire
Fuse Tables
Test Current > 300A 4-wire
Zline L-L, L-N Ipsc - 4 wire
Zloop L-PE, Ipfc - 4 wire
Zline/loop mOhm high precision
Earth / Ground Resistance S / P potential probe test
Additional Features Display LCD
High precision resolution High precision resolution
High precision resolution mOhm
Connectivity Remotely controled
Power Supply Battery Powered
Rechargeable Batteries in standard delivery
Standards Applied IEC 60364 IEC 60364-6
IEC 61557 IEC 61557-1
IEC 61557-3
AS / NZ 3018 AS / NZ 3018
VDE 0413 VDE 0413
VDE 0100 VDE 0100
BS 7671 BS 7671 17th Edition
CEI 64.8 CEI 64.8