Brand : KandH

Category :Microcomputer Control Equipment

- Through series port interface the ISP and IAP functions of 89V51RD2 control chip enable the program codes to be downloaded to flash memory and show the results at real time.
- Reserving external connection pins for advanced experiments
- Plenty of experiments to do various basic I/O control applications
- The single chip of the trainer can be replaced by INTEL's 8751 / 52 series (without ISP function) and ATMEL’s AT89C51 / 52 series (with ISP function)
- With various common I/O components and experiments, MTS-51 turned learners into experienced users of basic control application with 8051 microcontroller.

8051 is the original chip of MTS-51 family devices which is originated from Intel. This chip is a stand-alone, powerful 8-bit single-chip microcomputer and is commonly used for real-time control applications. MTS-51 microcomputer trainer is designed for learning 8051 core architecture and instructions.


1. 89V51RD2 single chip x 1, with ISP
   (In System Programming) function

2. LCM x 1, back light (20 x 2 lines) LCD module

3. 7-segment display x 4

4. LED-bar 10 bit x 2

5. 4 x 4 matrix keyboard x 1

6. 12V stepping motor x 1, 200 steps, with A, B, A, B coil output connector

7. Photochopper x 2
   PH1 for interrupt request signal and interdict counter
   PH2 for counter, pulse counter or counter control and interdict counter

8. IC555 x 1, astable oscillating circuit for pulse signal output

9. 8 x 8 dot matrix LED x 1

10. RS-232 interface x 1 for ISP function

11. 8-bit DIP switch x 3 for circuit start control

12. Micro speaker x 1

13. 10 x 2 extend socket 1pc, for P0 and P2 output

14. Through RxD, TxD connector for multi-chip transfer control

15. Built-in power supply
   Input AC power : 110/ 220V, 50/60Hz
   Output DC power : 12V/1.5A, 5V/2.5A