Brand : KandH

Category :Data Communication and Networking


          Android system, mainly used on mobile devices, is an open source operation system based on Linux kernel. Android APPs, the applications mounted on the Android system, are widely developed and used.  COS-100 adopts free and open source Android SDK (Android Software Development Kit), JDK (Java Development Kit) and Eclipse (Integrated Development Environment). 

           COS-100 offers easy-to-follow courses available for users to learn Android APP development environment setup and Android APP programming. In addition to the introduction for basic principles of the Android development environment, experiments of some of APPs are also designed. Topics included in the course: understanding the Eclipse operating environment, capture of images from a USB UVC camera, discussion of the Android APP version compatibility issues, introduction and application of e-books, application of accelerometer, application of touch panel control. Moreover, ZigBee Transceiver Module and ZigBee Sensor Module are also provided for making experiments.