MI 2086 EUROTEST 615

Brand : Metrel

Category :Multifunction testers (Eurotest family)

- DC insulation resistance with test voltages up to 1000V
- PE conductor continuity
- Loop and Line impedance also without RCD triggering
- RCD test
- Varistor test
- Illumination
- Phase sequence
 in 3-phase systems
- Measurements on earthling and lightning systems with included 2-clamp method (without junctions disassembling).

Advanced, multifunctional digital measuring instrument for low voltage electrical installation safety testing in accordance with IEC / EN 61557. Best selling installation tester in Europe!

- Electrical power and consumption measurement,
- current and voltage harmonics measurement,
- phase angle,
- frequency,
- contact voltage measure-ments,
- under wall installation tracing,
- fuses locating,
- clamp current measurement up to 200 A,
- leakage current measurement from 0.2 mA trms onwards,
- low resistance continuous measurement.

PC SW EuroLink LITE software package compatible with MS Windows operation systems is a field proven tool for evaluation of test results on a personal computer.
PC SW EuroLink PRO version enables fast and efficient creation of a complete test protocol including visual inspection report.

Dimensions (w x h x l): 265 x 110 x 185 mm.
Mass (without accessories): 2.1 kg.
Optional: 110 V version for reduced low voltage supply system.