GOS-630 & GOS-620

Brand : GWinstek

Category :Analog Oscilloscopes

- 30/20MHz Bandwidth, Dual Channel
- High Sensitivity 1mV/div
- TV Synchronization
- Z-Axis Input
- ALT Triggering Function
- CH1 Output

The GOS-620 and GOS-630 Analog Oscilloscope delivers the most economic solution for measurement demand. Offering 1mV ~ 5V vertical sensitivity, 0.2s/div ~ 0.5s/div sweep time, and useful Auto/Norm/TV-V/TV-H trigger modes, the GOS-620 is the best economic choice for education, production lines, and repair service application at a reasonable price.

  GOS-630 GOS-620
Digital / Analog Analog

6" CRT

Bandwidth (MHz)


Number of Channel


Vertical Sensitivity  1mV ~ 5V
Time Base Range 0.2μs ~ 0.5s
Input Impedance Selection  1MΩ
Auto Measurement -
Waveform Memory -
 Panel Setup Memory -
Auto-Set -
 Auto/Normal Trigger V
ALT Trigger  V
 TV Trigger V
Cursor Readout  -
 XY Mode V
Zoom  -
 Counter Function -
Function Generator  -
Interface -
Buzzer Alarm -
Battery Power Operation -
LED Indicators -
Z-Axis Input V
Power Source AC 115/230V ±15%