GL 300.10

Brand : G.U.N.T

Category :Fundamentals of Engineering Design

The GL 300 range consists of a series of different cutaway models of drive system components. These are all original industrial parts that have been prepared such that individual active parts are clearly visible to the user, but their mechanical functionality is retained in full. Each of the cutaway models is firmly mounted on a base plate to which hand grips are also attached for carrying. Drive is by hand in each case.

Scope of delivery

1 cutaway model
1 description
1 sectional view

  • Demonstration of machine components and
    illustration of their operation

  1. Hand-operated tabletop cutaway model for the demonstration of the function of an electromagnetic single disk brake
  2. Original industrial part, fully functioning cutaway model without limitations
  3. Solid base plate made of metal, hand grip
Technical data

not available

Dimensions and weight

l x w x h : 350 x 300 x 120 mm
Weight : approx. 7 kg