Brand : KandH

Category :Communication System

- Complete digital transmitting data format including start bit, preamble, identifier, data with FEC coding, CRC coding,
and stop bit 
- All digital transmitting data are encoded with Manchester code before transmitting via ASK or FSK modulator.
- Programmable data, data rate, preamble, identifier, and noise from DIP switches
- FEC encoding, CRC mechanism, and Manchester coding can be included or ignored before wireless ISM transmission.
- Transmit and receive 3 sets of audio signals in TDMAchannel via STS-1 and STM-1 frame
- Dual channelTDM transmission with audio signal modulated by PCM or A-Law/μ-Law compander

KL-920 is implemented with high speed MCU, DSP and high flexible FPGA devices, giving students more opportunities to setup and observe digital data signals at each transmission stage.

Learning topics include ASK / FSK transmission in wireless ISM band, FEC codec technique (block code and convolution code), digital data formatting (Preamble, ID, FEC and CRC), Manchester coding, SONET transportation frame (STS-1 and STM-1), TDMA, PCM, TDM, DSSS, CDMA, Digital filter, etc…