Brand : KandH

Category :Communication System

- With four different data transmission ways (self module transmission, module-to-module transmission, PC-to-module transmission, and module-to-PC transmission).
- The equipment that you assemble will transmit voice from one point to another, using light traveling through an optical fiber.
- The experiment KL-900D will show you how easy it is to make productive use of fiber optic materials.

Fiber-Optic communication is one of the most popular technologies in the modern days due to its high transfer speed and large capacity. KL-900D uses fiber optic as a transmission media for the whole experiment.

With four different data transmission ways (self module transmission, module-to-module transmission, PC-to-module transmission and module-to-PC transmissions) and various different modulation / demodulation methods (CVSD, ASK, etc.) introduced in the training system, users can obtain a very clear view of how fiber-optic transmission works.


1. Power : AC-DC Adapter
  (1) AC input : 100 240V
  (2) DC output 15V, 500mA

2. Microphone Circuit
  (1) Frequency range Hz ~ 12KHz
  (2) With gain 20 amplified circuit

3. Push-button Switch
  (1) N.O. Type
  (2) With LED indication

4. Function generator
  (1) Output sine wave with adjustable output amplitude
  (2) Output square wave, with CMOS level
  (3) Frequency range : 6Hz ~ 2KHz

5. Output Speaker
  (1) 8Ω, 1/4W

6. Transmitter
   (1) Optical fiber light : Red LED, 660nm
   (2) Max. drive current : 50mA
   (3) Effective coupling micro-lens spotlight
   (4) Emitter follower

7. Receiver
  (1) Optical receiving diode
   a. λ peak : 880nm
   b. Connectable plastic optical fiber with 1000 m core
   c. Effective coupling micro lens spotlight
   d. Max. consumption power : 100mW
  (2) With amplified, gain, restoring sharpness circuit

8. Data transmission elements
  (1) Chip set : AVR8515, 8bits, 8MHz crystal
  (2) LCD : back light 20 x2 letter chip
  (3) Keyboard : 4 x 4 16Key
  (4) Character mode : single letter or string letter available
  (5) Send mode : OFF (self module transmission), 
                           transceiver (module-to module), 
                           PC module module PC
  (6) With reset function
  (7) Communication interface : RS 232C, 9600 baud rate
  (8) Software environment : Windows base