Brand : KandH

Category :Communication System

- 144MHz VHF FM transceiver trainer
- 2modules form basis for over 9 fully documented experiments
- Includes experiment and instructor's manual

144MHz VHF FM Transceiver Trainer

KL-900B Analog Communication System discloses the secret of the walky-talky based on the 144MHz VHF band. It breaks the circuit of walky-talky into 4 blocks : receiver block, transmitter block, audio amplifier block and microphone amplifier block.

Block diagrams are printed clearly on the panel of the module, giving students a comprehensive view of how walky-talky works

1. 2mm connection leads are used throughout the system
2. The building block diagrams are printed on the surface of each module.
3. Modules are secured in plastic housings (297 x226x60mm)