CO-205 Aspirator Kit

Brand : Fluke

Category :Air Testers

Sample flue gas with your Fluke CO-210 or CO-220 using the CO-205 Aspirator Kit

Draw flue gas samples up to 700 ºF (370 ºC) reliably for measurement with the Fluke CO-210 Carbon Monoxide probe or Fluke CO-220 Carbon Monoxide meter.

The CO-205 aspirator accessory kit contains all the components necessary to provide a clean sample for the Fluke family of gas measuring devices.

Features at a Glance

The CO-205 accessory kit includes:

- Stainless steel sampling tube
- Industrial-grade hand operated aspirator to draw flue sample
- Easy to replace particulate filter
- Specially designed nose cap for connection to the Fluke CO-210/220
- 4' (1.2m) hose length