About TES

PT TES is a company specialized in Test and Measuring equipment and Educational Training System. Founded in the middle of 1996, PT TES grows rapidly and become one of the biggest Indonesian Test/Measuring Equipment and Educational / Training Equipment suppliers.

At the end of 1996 PT TES is appointed as Sole Agent for GW Instek Test and Measuring equipment from Taiwan. They are one of ten biggest T&M manufacturers in the world for Oscilloscope, Spectrum Analyzer, Signal Generator, Power Supply and Electronic component testers. In Indonesia GW Instek are used by most electronics manufacturers, such as Taiwanese, South Korean, American, European and even Japanese oriented companies. More than half of Indonesian electronics schools use GW Instek products including some leading government institutions, and ,private company, as ,well.

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Beside above principals we are sole agent for METREL; this is one of best quality Measuring and Regulating Equipment Manufacturer in the world for Electrical Test Measuring. They develop and produce European standard High precision test and measuring equipment that essentially required for electrical installation, maintenance and safety such as Earth, Ground and Insulation tester, Power clamp meter, DMM, Power quality analyzer, installation safety tester, portable appliances tester, and installation demo board for education.

Commit to distribute only high precision test measurement. Therefore, since 1999 we recruit TRANSMILLE Multi Product Calibrator. TRANSMILLE is a calibration laboratory with UKAS accreditation which nowadays known as maker of high precision Multi Product Calibrator for measuring instrument like Digital Multi Meter, Oscilloscope, Clamp Meter, Watt/ Power Meter, RLC Meter/ AC Bridge, Power Supply, Insulation Tester, Process Control Calibrator, High Resistance Measurement, Electrometer, Current Shunt, Data Logger, Pressure Gauges, HV Probes, Torque Screw driver, Frequency Counter/Timer, and Chart Recorder. Users of TRANSMILLE Multi Product Calibrator spread over more than 100 countries in 5 continents. TRANSMILLE has won a Queen's Award for Enterprise 2008, considering to be the most prestigious UK award for business performance. Transmille's commitment to innovation is underlined by the introduction of its range of 'expandable' calibrators which offer the capability to extend the functionality of its range of calibrators. This unique range of external adapters provides a cost effective and extensible range of measurement tools for laboratories and service centre.

Our Vision

  • - Be one of the leading companies in Indonesia which provides quality service for customer.
  • - TES focus on sales service, marketing, and consulting in both educational and industrial sectors, involving electronic testing / toolkit & measuring instruments , and testing and calibration system (Laboratory)

Our Mission

Keeping the best customer service performance with the improvement in the "Quality, Cost, and Delivery" (QCD) through continuous improvement of quality service by anticipating the changing needs of each customer service in the Company management towards a more effective, efficient and professional service, so that there is a common perception and action to raise awareness in the results achieved. Thus, it has concrete results that match customer needs

Our Brand

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